Play Action

Students at the playground event at Fountain City Elementary School.

The Knox Education Foundation launches a $4.5 million campaign to fund school playgrounds, taking the burden off individual schools.

Protecting Employee Voices

Knox County Education Association President Paula Hancock speaks to the school board at its Oct. 2 work session.

The school board affirms teachers’ and staff members’ right to speak up without fear of reprisal.

Goals, Hits and Misses

Superintendent Jon Rysewyk speaks to school board members during their annual work session

In his first-year ‘action plan,’ Superintendent Jon Rysewyk’s administration met most of its targets for improvement — but has some make-up work to do.

Contract Workers

Teaching assistant

The Knox County school board votes to hire a staffing service to fill special education needs.

Course Correction

Superintendent Jon Rysewyk at a lectern in front of Copper Ridge Elementary School

A year into the job, Superintendent Jon Rysewyk has significantly restructured and refocused Knox County Schools. More is on the way.

‘Where to Go’

Region 5 supervisors Dexter Murphy and Sallee Reynolds at a meeting in the Fulton High School library.

Knox County’s plan for its struggling urban schools aims to support students from pre-K through graduation.

The $64 Million Question

Knox County Schools budget director Joe Snyder in front of a budget graphic during the April 13 community budget meeting

How should Knox County Schools use its biggest-ever jump in state funding? Superintendent Jon Rysewyk’s proposal prioritizes salaries and infrastructure.