The Matter of a Mural

Activists began painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street in front of Austin-East High School without waiting to get a permit.

Ransomware Attack Goes Public

Hackers posted city employee information online in an attempt to intimidate the Kincannon administration into paying a ransom for stolen data.

Masks Mandated

The Knox County Board of Health votes to issue an order requiring people to wear face coverings in virtually all indoor public spaces.

City Likely Won’t Pay Ransom

The Kincannon administration hopes to have computer systems affected by ransomware attack restored in less than two weeks.

Health Department Security

Knox County Commission has approved a contract to post armed guards at the Health Department during the pandemic response.

‘A Good First Step’

Revisions to KPD’s use-of-force policy are a prelude to a broader conversation about the approach to public safety in Knoxville.

Hope on a Holiday

Amid social unrest, Juneteenth is a time for many in Knoxville to celebrate emancipation while working toward equality.

HR Gets OK’d

City County Building

City Council gives final approval to Mayor Kincannon’s proposal to separate personnel and civil service functions.

Reform Recommendations

After a series of protests, Knox County Democrats have presented a list of criminal justice policy changes to city officials.