Middle Housing Takes Center Stage

Middle Housing Map.

Council takes a first look at Mayor Indya Kincannon’s ‘missing middle’ housing proposal for the city’s older neighborhoods.

In the Loop, Out of the Loop

Photo of voters at Larry Cox Senior Center.

An analysis of returns from Tuesday’s low-turnout primary shows a difference in voting patterns inside and outside the I-640 bypass.

Kincannon Seizes Second Term

Photo of Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon

Amid low voter turnout, this year’s city primary returned the mayor to office and set up intriguing general election races for judge and City Council.

Decoding Belk’s Departure

Brooklyn Sawyers Belk Photo

An anonymous, hate-filled email is at the center of speculation about the resignation of the Knoxville Police Department’s highest ranking Black employee.

Approaches to Housing

At Tuesday’s forum, the four candidates for Knoxville mayor grappled with the city’s top issue heading into this month’s primary.

A Possible Course Correction

Photo of Sterchi-Audigier House

With local opposition to a site on Magnolia Avenue mounting, state officials say they’re looking at other options for a new parole office.

Belk Resigns After Brief Tenure

Brooklyn Sawyers Belk and Chief Paul Noel photo.

KPD says its first deputy chief of professional standards intended to stay only a short time, though the plan wasn’t publicly disclosed.