Power Poll: UT Transitions

Rendering of planned UT residence hall.

Survey respondents were predominantly supportive of UT’s enrollment goals and approving of using public-private partnerships for campus projects.

New Deal for New Dorms

Rendering of new UT residence hall.

UT Trustees sign off on a $240.4 million project to be built via the state’s first higher-ed public-private student housing partnership.

Power Poll: The Housing Crisis

Photo of new houses under construction at the Meadows at Shannon Valley.

A majority of respondents approve of government actions such as zoning changes and incentives to address the lack of housing in the area.

Greasing the Wheels of Development

Hancen Sale Photo.

Council OKs a flurry of proposals to make some types of commercial redevelopment and multi-family residential housing easier to build.

Building Backlogs

Photo of new houses under construction at the Meadows at Shannon Valley.

As the population continues to grow, the city and the county are struggling to keep up with the demand for approving construction projects.

Council Approves Budget

Members and supporters of Knoxville HEART

Members delay consideration of a proposal to create a task force to develop an alternative response program.

Affordable No More

Graph showing Knoxville's median home price has passed the national median

A new report says higher housing costs are here to stay in Knox County for the foreseeable future.

An Alternative State of the City

Moira Connelly of HEART

Social justice advocates offer a vision of Knoxville that differs from Mayor Indya Kincannon’s, and propose last-minute budget changes.

Growing Room

UT Master Plan Campus Boundary Map

UT-Knoxville moves to substantially extend its parameters for future campus expansion as part of its 10-year master plan.