Tales From the Shutdown

Dogwood trail

We asked readers for their thoughts and experiences during the period of self-isolation. They wrote about gratitude, hope and other things that grow.

One Step at a Time

Knox County’s businesses will embark on a phased reopening on Friday, but social distancing measures will remain as a part of daily commerce.

Counting on Communities

Immigrant support groups are key players in the quest to reach the undercounted and boost Census response rates.

Commission Approves TVA Deal

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs

After months of persuasion, County Mayor Glenn Jacobs wins a unanimous vote to lease the empty East Tower and buy the Summer Place garage.

Sign Language


As the Legislature prepares to write a new billboard law, scenic highway advocates fear the outdoor advertising industry will push to weaken regulations.

For the Records, pt. 2

Conley v. Spangler

In a lawsuit trial, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office outlines its unusual interpretations of the state’s Public Records Act.