Ukraine Under Assault

Local observers offer personal and professional perspectives on Russia’s invasion and its ramifications.

Giving Voice

Marble City Opera

Brandon Gibson had never written an opera. Then a police officer murdered George Floyd. The result is ‘I Can’t Breathe.’

Inflation Impact

As price increases hit their highest levels in 40 years, Knoxville’s private and public sectors alike scramble to keep pace.

Stadium Costs Come into Focus

The proposed publicly financed sports and entertainment venue would have a higher sticker price but cost less to finance than previously estimated.

A Year in the Chair

Larsen Jay chairing a Commission meeting

Larsen Jay reflects on an unusual and eventful 12 months heading County Commission — and why he won’t seek the leadership post again.

Power Poll: Vaccine Outreach

An overwhelming majority of survey respondents disagree with the state Department of Health’s decision to stop vaccine outreach to adolescents.

‘We’re in an Emergency’

Jan. 6 Capitol crowd

More than 170 political science scholars penned an open letter raising alarms about threats to American democracy. We talked to one of them.