Clinic Arsonist Identified

Planned Parenthood Fire

The FBI said the same man, who died after his arrest, was responsible for attacks on Planned Parenthood’s clinic and shooting at the federal building.

KFD: Clinic Fire Deemed Arson

Planned Parenthood vows to continue providing services to East Tennessee women as investigators search for suspects.

Emergency Spending

Emergency services logos

Knox County puts its volunteer first responders on six-month contracts pending the results of a committee appointed by the mayor.

Ashes From the Fire

Oakwood-Lincoln Park residents demand action from the city two months after a recycling center blaze.

Fire and Frustration

Smoke from a blaze at a North Knoxville recycling facility with a history of recent safety violations forced the evacuation of nearly 100 homes.

New Cash for New Cops

Facing a persistent staffing shortage, KPD asks for $150,000 over two years to boost officer recruiting efforts.

Smoke Signals

A report calls for a tax-funded Knox County fire department. County officials want to explore their options.