Equity Quest

Nathan Langlois, Knox County Schools.

After eight years, Knox County Schools struggles to narrow racial and economic disparities.

Rysewyk Gets Faster Start

Jon Rysewyk and Renee Kelly

The school board approves a $240,000-a-year contract for its new superintendent, with a possible bonus and an accelerated timeline.

Finalists and Frustrations

Linda Cash, Jon Rysewyk, Kirk Shrum

The school board names three superintendent candidates, while searching for a way out of its court-ordered mask mandate.

Measuring Progress

Shannon Jackson/Knox County Schools

As the school board considers a new equity policy, its long work toward reducing racial and economic disparities goes on.

Putting It in Writing

reading results by demographic group

The Knox County school board appears divided on a new equity policy, which would formalize commitments to reduce disparities.