Candidates on Camera

In a televised forum, Knoxville’s mayoral hopefuls made their cases on the eve of early voting.

Filling the Campaign Coffers

Knoxville mayoral candidates

The three leading candidates for Knoxville mayor are mining familiar and sometimes overlapping territory for campaign funds.

A Call to End Recode

As Council approaches a possible vote on the city’s proposed zoning ordinance, mayoral candidate Eddie Mannis wants to stop it altogether.

On Deck

Knoxville mayoral candidates

The leading candidates for Knoxville mayor weigh in on baseball and the budget the winner will inherit after the election.

Designing Candidates

Two mayoral candidates shared their views about architecture, urban design and the ongoing redevelopment of the city.

Police Precinct Proposal

Knoxville mayoral candidates

A proposal from mayoral candidate Eddie Mannis draws quick opposition from Indya Kincannon and Marshall Stair.

A Raise on the Table

Knoxville mayoral candidates

City Council will consider a proposal to give the next mayor a 14 percent pay boost above Mayor Madeline Rogero’s current salary.

Setting the Table

In their first joint appearance, four candidates for Knoxville mayor address how they will support entrepreneurism.

Money in the Mayor’s Race

Knoxville mayoral candidates

Financial disclosures show the 2019 Knoxville mayor’s race will be a three-way battle among well-funded candidates.

Honor, Prestige and Politics

Eddie Mannis aims to bring his business acumen and record of community service into the Knoxville mayor’s office.