Retaining Control

Classroom chairs

A bill with major Republican support would modify the third-grade retention law but still threaten many students with being held back.

Holding Back

Photo of exam answer sheet with a hand and pencil filling in bubbles

As the Legislature debates changes to its third-grade retention law, the key issue remains who will make the decision.

2022 Revue: Higher Education

UT Students

The University of Tennessee dealt with record enrollment and legislative mandates this year, while Knoxville College launched a reboot.

The School-to-Job Pipeline

Panelists Brian Noland, Krissy DeAlejandro, Jon Rysewyk and Dee Haslam at the Baker Center.

In the face of academic slippage, education leaders emphasize the importance of connecting classrooms to careers.

Making Early Connections

Panel on stage at early childhood symposium

Brain science illustrates the importance of the first few years of a child’s life. Experts are seeking ways to promote healthy development.

2021 Revue: Education

Susan Horn and Virginia Babb

In a year marked by the pandemic, both Knox County Schools and the University of Tennessee saw changes that will shape their futures.

Balancing Risk

The school system’s plan for reopening in the fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t finalized, but there will be a remote learning option.

On-the-Job Training

Superintendent Bob Thomas at news conference

A partnership between Knox County Schools and the University of Tennessee will pay aspiring special education teachers as they finish their degrees.

Flashing Dashboard Lights

A new report shows Tennessee is often in the lower echelon when compared to other states in a variety of areas.

Issues by the Numbers

Using newly released Census data, a Sycamore Institute study focuses on income, poverty, education and health coverage in Tennessee.