A Mandate Compromise

The Board of Health passes a scaled-back restriction on restaurant capacity and closing times, but delays action on limiting social gatherings.

Rethinking Thanksgiving

A newly formed group of local leaders and the CDC are urging citizens to get creative to have a safe holiday during the pandemic.

Knox COVID-19 Cases Soar

The Health Department begs the public to take precautions as City Council moves against scofflaw drinking establishments.

Quarantine Quandary

Daniel Watson

As some Knox County school board members ask if COVID-19 absences can be limited, the Health Department urges caution.

The Pandemic Hits Harder

The Board of Health keeps restrictions in place and the city contemplates enforcing the alcohol service curfew as cases and deaths mount.

COVID in the Courts

Downtown Knoxville

A revised complaint leads to a change of venue for a lawsuit by two plastic surgeons seeking to nullify the county’s mask mandate.

Taking Tennessee’s Pulse

County Commission crowd

An ongoing survey of state residents shows widespread support for mask mandates and other restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Clean-Up Concerns

United Campus Workers

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Managing the Mandates

Amid vocal criticism, the Knox County Board of Health keeps its focus on coronavirus cases, mitigation measures and hospital capacity.