Council Approves Budget

Members and supporters of Knoxville HEART

Members delay consideration of a proposal to create a task force to develop an alternative response program.

‘No-Frills Budget’

Mayor Indya Kincannon at the City Council budget hearing.

During a marathon hearing on Tuesday, City Council members dove into Mayor Indya Kincannon’s proposed $432.9 million spending plan.

Budget Battle

County Mayor Glenn Jacobs speaking in the Main Assembly Room about his proposed budget.

Mayor Glenn Jacobs unveils Knox County’s first $1 billion spending plan — but Sheriff Tom Spangler says it doesn’t do enough for his officers.

Capital Contraction

Transforming Western Construction Site

The city has less than half of last year’s funding for capital projects, but won’t have to borrow money or dip into savings for infrastructure needs.

An Alternative State of the City

Moira Connelly of HEART

Social justice advocates offer a vision of Knoxville that differs from Mayor Indya Kincannon’s, and propose last-minute budget changes.