Budget Offsides

Neyland Stadium

Pandemic-related losses in the University of Tennessee’s Athletics Department have created an estimated $40 million funding gap.

Sales Tax Surprise

Knox County Commission, Main Assembly Room

State data through May shows people continuing to spend money during the pandemic, producing more revenue than local officials expected. Will that continue?

Justice and Dollars

UT Board of Trustees

University of Tennessee leadership pledges action on racial equity while approving a pandemic-strapped budget.

Up, Down and In Between

School board Chair Susan Horn

New numbers from the state suggest that the budget picture for Knox County Schools might be both better and worse than expected.

School Budget Squeeze

Superintendent Bob Thomas

Knox County officials lay out a plan to address an estimated $10 million shortfall as the coronavirus pandemic hammers sales tax revenues.

Council OKs Budget

Mayor Indya Kincannon’s spending plan got green-lighted despite questions from one Council member about priorities.

A Coronabudget

The COVID-19 pandemic touches almost every aspect of the $334.4 million budget Mayor Indya Kincannon has proposed.