Booting Up Broadband

KUB Broadband Map

With customers beginning to sign up, the first phase of KUB’s low-key launch of its high-speed internet service is moving toward completion.

Broadband Progess

By the end of the year, KUB should be offering high-speed internet service to up to 25,000 customers in three areas of Knoxville.

Council Boots Up Broadband

KUB gets the city’s approval to launch its high-speed internet service, which will offer digital access to more than 210,000 households and businesses.

An Unconventional Request

County Commissioner Justin Biggs asks City Council to postpone consideration of KUB’s municipal broadband plan.

Broadband Choices

Comcast responds to KUB’s municipal broadband plan with a proposal for public-private partnerships to provide high-speed internet access.

The Price of Access

KUB officials answer questions from customers about the possible effects of its proposed municipal broadband initiative on electric bills.

Broadband Battle

Tennessee’s cable providers blast KUB’s municipal broadband initiative, while TVA and the state Comptroller have given the project the green light.

Broadband Bound?

KUB develops a business plan to provide high-speed internet service throughout its electricity service area.