The Enrollment Challenge

The UT Torchbearer

With numbers of high school graduates reaching a plateau, the University of Tennessee looks for other ways to build its student body.

Review Blues

The UT Torchbearer

A lot of work, not much benefit? Doubts persist about UT’s new post-tenure review system for judging faculty performance.

UT Revises Sexual Misconduct Rules

Ashley Blamey

Following new federal guidelines, the University of Tennessee adds more protections for students and staff accused of assault or harassment.

COVID-Ready Campus

UT pedestrian walkway

Masks, shields, isolation areas and online instruction: The University of Tennessee prepares for the fall.

UT Names Randy Boyd as President

Randy Boyd and John Compton

The five-year appointment comes in the midst of the university contending with the academic and economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boyd Makes His Case

Natalie Campbell and Randy Boyd

In a town hall meeting on the Knoxville campus, UT’s interim president addresses diversity, affordability and guns.