Forrest Bumped

Capitol Commission

The State Capitol Commission votes to remove a Confederate general’s bust, with prominent Knoxville names — living and dead — factoring into the decision.

Risky Business

Employers will face challenges managing workplace risks as Tennessee’s economy reopens in the coming weeks.

Priming the Economic Pump

Gov. Bill Lee announces his phased restart of Tennessee’s economy will begin next week as testing ramps up across the state.

Cities’ View

Tennessee’s ‘Big Four’ mayors form a task force to develop recommendations to Gov. Bill Lee for reopening the state’s economy.

Order Extended

Gov. Lee maintains his Stay at Home directive but plans to begin a phased revival of the state’s economy beginning May 1.

Stand Down or Stay Apart?

With COVID-19 cases and unemployment claims both rising, Gov. Bill Lee is mulling whether to ease restrictions.

Gig Order

State Unemployment application

Under the federal CARES Act, Gov. Bill Lee promises Tennessee will make unemployment benefits available to contract workers and the self-employed.

Future Funding

Local governments stand to receive nearly $9 million in state grants during the pandemic, though the money won’t be available until the summer.

Surge Protectors

Lee discusses hospital capacity, personal protective equipment and ventilator distribution during a visit to Knoxville as more COVID-19 cases are detected.

Lee: Stay Home, Tennessee

Citing data showing voluntary measures aren’t working, the governor mandates restrictions on social and business activity to battle COVID-19.