Power Poll: The Housing Crisis

Photo of new houses under construction at the Meadows at Shannon Valley.

A majority of respondents approve of government actions such as zoning changes and incentives to address the lack of housing in the area.


Choto Landing Map

Organized opposition from high-income residents kills an affordable housing project planned for the Choto area of Southwest Knox County.

Affordable No More

Graph showing Knoxville's median home price has passed the national median

A new report says higher housing costs are here to stay in Knox County for the foreseeable future.

‘No-Frills Budget’

Mayor Indya Kincannon at the City Council budget hearing.

During a marathon hearing on Tuesday, City Council members dove into Mayor Indya Kincannon’s proposed $432.9 million spending plan.

An Alternative State of the City

Moira Connelly of HEART

Social justice advocates offer a vision of Knoxville that differs from Mayor Indya Kincannon’s, and propose last-minute budget changes.

‘Rowing in the Same Direction’

Mayor Indya Kincannon

The new city-county Office of Housing Stability and a summit requested by Justice Knox promise to place a stronger focus on affordable housing and homelessness.

Funding Affordable Housing

Westview Tower

City Council votes to help developers build and renovate hundreds of apartments for low-income residents through its Affordable Housing Fund.