Power Poll: Legislative Culture Wars

Tennessee State Capitol Building

A large majority of survey respondents favor revisiting the state’s abortion ban but most are not optimistic that lawmakers will amend the law.

Clinic Arsonist Identified

Planned Parenthood Fire

The FBI said the same man, who died after his arrest, was responsible for attacks on Planned Parenthood’s clinic and shooting at the federal building.

Hard Choices, No Guidance

Dr. Nikki Zite at City Council

Under Tennessee’s strict abortion ban, doctors confront emergency decisions under threat of prosecution — and no communication from the criminal justice system.

‘I Couldn’t Bear It’

Door of Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health with sign saying they no longer provide abortions

As abortion becomes illegal in Tennessee from the point of fertilization, three women look back on their own experiences — and look ahead with foreboding.

KFD: Clinic Fire Deemed Arson

Planned Parenthood vows to continue providing services to East Tennessee women as investigators search for suspects.

Speaking Up

Abortion rights news conference

Knoxville abortion rights supporters amplify voices they say are missing from the state’s debate.