Clinic Arsonist Identified

Planned Parenthood Fire

The FBI said the same man, who died after his arrest, was responsible for attacks on Planned Parenthood’s clinic and shooting at the federal building.

Green to Go Green

Solar Array, Public Works Service Center

The federal Inflation Reduction Act could help the city reach its emissions goals faster and offers incentives for businesses and individuals.

Ukraine Under Assault

Local observers offer personal and professional perspectives on Russia’s invasion and its ramifications.

Vaccine Whiplash

Court orders out of Louisiana and Kentucky cause local institutions to reverse their COVID-19 vaccination policies.

Girding the Grid

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm gets a first-hand look at ORNL’s research aimed at strengthening the nation’s power infrastructure.

Building Blocks

After five years, ORNL researchers have mapped virtually every structure in the United States to aid in disaster response.

Grappling With a Mandate

With legal challenges expected, local employers are taking a cautious approach to President Joe Biden’s order on COVID-19 vaccinations and testing.

‘We’re in an Emergency’

Jan. 6 Capitol crowd

More than 170 political science scholars penned an open letter raising alarms about threats to American democracy. We talked to one of them.

Chaos in the Capitol

election social media

A day of insurrection in Washington, D.C., echoed through Tennessee politics, as Joe Biden was named the next president of the United States.