Precinct Profile: Knox County #6

The Christmas tree in Krutch Park Extension.

Precinct Profile: Knox County #6

From high-rise condos to subsidized housing, the voters of the district that includes downtown have something in common: They prefer Democrats.

by jesse fox mayshark • november 29, 2018

the city christmas tree on gay street brings holiday decor to knox county's 6th voting precinct.

Downtown Knoxville is so many things to so many people that you may not think of it as a voting precinct. But as the population of the rejuvenated center city has grown in recent years, so have its voter rolls.
Apartments and condos have added residents and voters to the heart of the city.
In the November 2004 presidential election, just 380 votes were cast in the 6th Precinct. That grew to 967 by 2012, and this month 1,267 people turned out to vote on Nov. 6.
The surge of apartment and condo dwellers has made the populatio...

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