Movement at the Mall

Knoxville Center Mall

Movement at the Mall

Is Knoxville's most enigmatic developer finally showing progress at Knoxville Center?

by joe sullivan • september 28, 2018

signs of the times at the former east towne mall.

(Compass is pleased to welcome Joe Sullivan as a contributor. Joe is the former publisher of Metro Pulse and a longtime columnist on local issues for Metro Pulse and the Knoxville Mercury. Early in his career, he worked as a Capitol Hill reporter for the Wall Street Journal, before entering the realms of finance and serving as the founding president of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. We are very happy to have his reporting.)
Brant Enderle has gained a lot of notoriety in local real estate development circles for making splashy investments followed by deterioration, disputation and tax delinquency on his properties.
All of the above have ap...

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