Precinct Profile: Knox County #57

Bethany Baptist Church

Precinct Profile: Knox County #57

In the northern reaches, a rural district leans heavily Republican.

by scott barker • september 27, 2018

bethany baptist church is the polling place for this large and sparsely populated district.

If you wander into Knox County’s 57th precinct -- and if you don’t live there, you pretty much have to be wandering to find it -- you can be forgiven for not realizing you’re in Tennessee’s third-largest urban county.
Farmhouses, pickup trucks, goats and cattle populate the landscape.
Knox County’s northernmost precinct straddles East Raccoon Valley Road. There are no commercial structures in the area, so you need to gas up at the 441 Market on Norris Freeway, which marks the western boundary of the precinct.
There aren’t any true subdivisions, either. It’s mostly f...

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