Chasing Agee

Director Richard Dindo

Chasing Agee

Swiss filmmaker Richard Dindo comes to Knoxville, in search of its elusive literary son.

by jesse fox mayshark • september 27, 2018

richard dindo (center, coral shirt) directs a scene from "A Death in the family" at historic westwood.

Richard Dindo first read James Agee 40 years ago, when he happened across a copy of A Death in the Family.
“By coincidence, I found it in a bookshop in France,” says Dindo, a native of Switzerland who has made 28 documentaries in the last four decades. “And I fell immediately in love with this book. The story about the father -- I didn’t know, hardly, my own father. I know what it means to grow up without a father. So this naturally struck me.”
Looking for traces of the writer's beloved Knoxville, from the Old City to Fort Sanders.
That initial discovery led to...

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