Precinct Profile: Knox County #76

Knox County Precinct #76, East Knox County

Precinct Profile: Knox County #76

An urban-rural East Knox district where the entertainment is Cowboy Troy'sand the votes are reliably Republican.

by jesse fox mayshark • september 13, 2018

(Knox County has 89 voting precincts. We are profiling them, one at a time.)
“Life is cray cray, Jesus is the way way,” reads the marquee in front of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in the heart of Knox County’s 76th polling precinct. Voters in the East Knox County district cast their ballots at Sunnyview Primary School, a mid-mod building of a stylistic piece with the brick ranchers that line the winding roads around it.
The precinct covers a large territory that sprawls along both sides of Asheville Highway, north to the Holston River and south to I-40, with an eastern boundary at Cash and Woodale roads. The four-lane divided highway is its commercia...

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