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Knoxville developer Joe Fox

CBD on Central

Blühen Botanicals plans to turn an old pie factory into Tennessee’s largest hemp processing plant. And yes, it's totally legal.

by scott barker and jesse fox mayshark • september 10, 2018

Joe fox at the headquarters of blühen botanicals. 

Knoxville developer Joe Fox plans to grow cannabis sativa in a former pie factory in North Knoxville, but don’t say he’s growing pot. He wants to grow jobs in a resurgent part of the city by restoring hemp to its former prominence as an important commercial crop.
Last year, Fox bought the old brick building at 2209 N. Central St. that was once home to Charlie’s Pie Shop, but at the time he didn’t know what he was going to do with it.
East Tennessee could become a major presence in a rapidly growing market.
There was talk of a “makers market” or other potential use...

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