From Parkway to Park

Baker Creek Preserve

From Parkway to Park

A $10 million entrance to the Urban Wilderness promises to transform the dead-end of James White Parkway.

by scott barker • september 7, 2018

The city of Knoxville is moving forward with improvements to the Urban Wilderness in South Knoxville.
At its work session on Thursday, City Council warmly received information about a planned entrance park on property at the terminus of James White Parkway near South Doyle Middle School.
“This is exciting for our city and our neighborhoods.” -- City Councilwoman Stephanie Welch
Mayor Madeline Rogero has set aside $10 million for the project, and has the support of Governor Bill Haslam and the Tennessee Department of Transportation, which deeded the property to the city after Rogero scuttled a possible extension of the highway.
“This is exciting for our city and our neighbo...

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