Precinct Profile: Knox County #49

Knox County voting precinct #49

Precinct Profile: Knox County #49

A surprisingly diverse voting precinct in the heart of Bearden.

by scott barker • september 6, 2018

(First in a series of weekly voting precinct profiles.)
Bearden Elementary School is the polling place for the 49th precinct. Situated near Homberg Place in the middle of what is traditionally considered Bearden, the school is where a surprisingly diverse segment of the population votes.
The voters who cast ballots at Bearden Elementary live on either side of Interstate 40/75 between Middlebrook and Lyons View pikes. (The area to the west of Bearden Hill really doesn’t count as Bearden, despite the location of Bearden High School all the way out at Gallaher View Road.)
The commercial area surrounding Bearden Elementary features boutique stores and upscale restaurants, though the Love Shack, formerly the sex shop known...

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