Hill and Horn at the Helm

Susan Horn and Terry Hill

Hill and Horn at the Helm

A new school board chair is selected, with support from the three new members

by jesse fox mayshark • september 6, 2018

Susan Horn (left) is the new school board vice chair, and terry hill is the new chair.

It would be too dramatic to call Wednesday night’s vote for Knox County school board chair the end of era, but the election of Terry Hill marked at least an evolutionary shift.
Hill, who represents the Northwest Knox 6th District, was selected on a 6-3 vote over incumbent Patti Bounds, who represents the Powell-Halls 7th District. Bounds had served the previous two years in a row.
Both Hill and Bounds are former educators, and they have formed part of the teachers’ majority on the board for the past two years. But they have not always voted together, and Hill has been more reserved than Bounds...

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