Dispatches From the Divide

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Dispatches From the Divide

Lynne Fugate and Amber Rountree’s contrasting takes on a fractious school board

by jesse fox mayshark • september 5, 2018

Last month, members of the Knox County school board spent an hour debating one word in a letter they were planning to send to Candice McQueen, the state’s education commissioner. The letter was about a state assessment used to measure the performance of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers.
The draft of the letter said the school board had “no confidence” in the state’s management of the program. Lynne Fugate, who until last week represented the West Knoxville 4th District on the board, objected. “I agree that it’s frustrating; there have been problems with it, and it needs to be corrected,” Fugate said of the portfolio assessment, in which teachers compile...

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