Chapman Highway Revisited

Chapman Highway

Chapman Highway Revisited

There have been a lot of plans to improve the notorious South Knox thoroughfare. The City and MPC want input on which ones to pursue.

by scott barker • September 5, 2018


Chapman Highway, one of the two primary routes into Knoxville from the south, has long been the subject of study. The problem is, not much has actually been done about the heavily trafficked thoroughfare.
The highway once was the primary route to the Great Smoky Mountains, the nation’s most visited national park, but Highway 66 in Sevier County now bears most of the park-bound traffic. The proposed James White Parkway extension was to be a bypass to alleviate congestion on Chapman Highway, but Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero blocked the completion of the parkway because of local resident opposition and because it would cut thro...

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