Knox 2018: City of Knoxville

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Knox 2018: City of Knoxville

What happens after Rogero?

by scott barker and jesse fox mayshark • September 4, 2018

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Knoxville’s city government is in a period of relative calm before next year’s election. Mayor Madeline Rogero is finishing her second term in office, which ends in December 2019. Potential successors are lining up to run, and thanks to term limits four new Council members will be elected next year as well.
Next year's candidates will face a newly energized city electorate.
Rogero was first elected in 2011, after running a close race in 2003 against Bill Haslam. Haslam later hired Rogero to run his Community Development Department.  
Among those who have already indicated plans to run for mayor are restaurateur Mike Chase, owner of Calhoun’s, Copper Cellar and...

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