OUT Again at UT

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After a year of recovery from convulsions that shuttered the Pride Center, UT’s OUTstanding Conference returns this weekend.

A Tale of Two Bredesens

blackburn bredesen debate

The final Senate debate revolves around whether the former governor is partisan or pragmatic.

Debate Day Is Here

blackburn bredesen

Bredesen and Blackburn square off at UT’s Baker Center (with Taylor Swift riding shotgun)

Engagement Party

UT Engagement Conference 10-9-18

The University of Tennessee seeks better ways to connect faculty and students to the needs of Knoxville.

‘We Don’t Make Widgets’

How is a university not like a business? UT faculty undertake an educational campaign for their new corporate leaders.

UT Looks to Randy Boyd

John Compton

In tapping the Knoxville businessman, UT’s board chair sets the stage for an “active” interim president.

How It Works: The University of Tennessee

Neyland Stadium

State university systems take an array of forms, and the University of Tennessee is a particularly odd one. It is less a system than a small collection of affiliated schools.