Shaping the Legislative Landscape

Legislative Breakfast 1-4-18

Knox County’s state lawmakers return to Nashville this week with a passel of wish lists from the school board and County Commission.

Basic Facts

Joint Education Committee

A crash course in the state’s formula for school funding highlights challenges for Knox County.

Voucher Battle Looms

Tennessee State Capitol Building

A resolution on tonight’s Knox County school board agenda is an opening salvo in a fight headed for the state Legislature.

Revamp, Phase Out or Shut Down?

Career Magnet Academy

Knox County Schools’ ambitious Career Magnet Academy hasn’t fulfilled its promises. The school board has to decide what to do about it.

Making the Grade

State Report Card graphic

Tennessee revamps its State Report Card with user-friendly data on school performance. But what to do with it?

Out and Back

Early retirement plan

Knox County’s first-ever early retirement offer for teachers may create a new classroom workforce: part-time retirees.