Recode, Round 3

Recode Knoxville map page

MPC prepares to release the latest revisions to the rewrite of the city’s zoning code, with a series of public meetings.


Karl Dean appearing at ACT-ET forum 10/7/18

An alliance of East Tennessee social activists debuts with a candidate forum featuring a roster of Democrats. (Republicans were invited.)

Signature Sculpture

Cradle of Country Music Park

A $500,000 artwork would transform (and probably rename) downtown’s Cradle of Country Music Park.

Blue Push in a Red County

Knox County Legislative map

Knox County’s legislative delegation will almost certainly remain largely Republican, but Democrats are contending for every seat this year. Here’s a look at both parties’ slates.

‘We Don’t Make Widgets’

How is a university not like a business? UT faculty undertake an educational campaign for their new corporate leaders.