Knox Found #151: Shall We Dance?

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Knox Found #151: Shall We Dance?

A weekly mystery photo to test your knowledge of the local landscape.

September 9, 2021

Knox Found 151

Welcome back to Knox Found! Every week, we post a photo of something or some place in Knox County, and we ask you to identify it.The first person to send a correct answer to will be recognized and celebrated in the email newsletter and the next week’s Knox Found.

The sights and sites may be on public or private property, but all are in places that are visible to the public. If you want to suggest a possible future Knox Found, or even submit your own photo, we welcome the ideas.

This week: This couple appears to be meeting and possibly waltzing in mid-air. Do you know where our would-be Rogers and Astaire are tripping the light fantastic? (Thanks to reader Sarah Rimer Moss for the suggestion!)

Last week: We're guessing lots of Compass readers drive Middlebrook Pike on a regular basis, because we had many correct identifications of last week's Knox Found photo. As all of them knew, the black bull statue in question sits in front of Banks and Jones attorneys at 2125 Middlebrook Pike. But only one was first, and that was Knox Finder extraordinaire Chris Eaker. Good eye, Chris, and thanks again to reader Nathaniel Shelso for the photo.